7 Major Benefits of Local SEO

benefits of local seo

7 Major Benefits of Local SEO

46% of all searches on Google are people looking for local information. Many of the people doing these local searches will visit a local store and make purchases or sales. Because of this, companies need to begin using local SEO to reach more customers. Keep reading to learn more about the major benefits of local SEO.

Do you want to learn more about local SEO and why you should use it for your company? Keep reading this article for the top seven benefits of local SEO for businesses. 

1. Increase Visibility

One reason why local SEO is so important for businesses is that it increases their visibility. When people are searching for a company on Google, they typically do not look past the first five results on the page. 

If your business doesn’t rank in these positions, you will be losing out on valuable opportunities. By improving your local SEO and ranking for local search terms, you will be more visible to your customers. 

This also means that you will be more likely to get noticed by new customers! This organic traffic will provide you with higher rankings, more conversions, and many other benefits. 

2. Relevant Traffic 

Another significant benefit of local SEO is that it provides your business with more relevant traffic. When you target local customers, you are more likely to have conversions and reach people that are likely to come to visit your location. 

If you use broad SEO and pay-per-click ads, you may have a lot of people visiting your website that will never make a purchase. 

Instead, you can use local SEO to target a specific demographic. This relevant traffic will save you more money in the long run and will be more likely to reach people that are interested in your products or services. 

3. Gain Return Customers

When you use local SEO, you will also be more likely to gain loyal customers. People are starting to recognize the importance of supporting their local economy and shopping with small businesses. 

Plus, it is often more convenient to shop at local businesses. 

With local SEO, you will be able to reach nearby customers. Once they stop by your shop, it is up to you to provide them with a great experience to win them over as a return customer! If they ever need to use your products or services again, they will be sure to visit your business. 

4. Save Money

Another significant benefit of using local SEO services is that they will help your business save money. 

Because you are using local keywords, you will be able to improve your organic traffic. If you have been using pay-per-click ads for your traffic, this will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Instead of having to pay for your high visibility, you will be able to rank organically for these terms. Google will essentially advertise your business for free and you will get valuable clicks to your website. 

Not only will you save money on advertising costs, but you will also increase your sales when you prioritize local SEO. You will have more relevant traffic and the people visiting your site will be prepared to buy your products or services. 

5. Stand Out From Competition

When you improve your local rankings, it allows you to stand out from your competition. If you have a lot of local competitors selling the same products or services, you need to find ways to make your products and services seem more attractive to potential customers.

When you rank high for local search results, it allows your customers to explore your products and learn more about your business. It also makes it even easier for them to find your business, learn more about your services, and do research about your company. 

This will make them more likely to choose your company over another similar company that offers the same products and services!

6. Simple To Optimize

Next, it is very simple to optimize your website for local SEO! This makes it easy to make improvements to your website, even without professional help. 

For example, a big part of local SEO is creating listings in online citation directories. These citations include important business information and help internet users discover local businesses. 

It shows Google that your business information is accurate and provides you with an instant boost to your visibility. You can add local citations to google, apple maps, Facebook, bing, yelp, and many more websites. 

There are many other simple changes you can make to boost your local rankings. Talking with an SEO company can help you find the best ways to optimize your website for local results. 

7. Build Credibility and Authority

Finally, using local SEO services will help you build credibility and authority for your business. When you are trying to attract new customers to your company, you need to gain their trust. 

When you use local SEO, you will be more likely to rank higher on Google. Consumers will typically assume that top-ranking companies on Google are more trustworthy, as it seems like they have been vetted by Google. 

By gaining a high-ranking spot on Google search results, you will gain the trust of people visiting your site and you will have more authority in your industry. 

Learn About the Benefits of Local SEO 

What is local SEO? It is an easy way that you can grow your business, make more conversions, and stand out from your local business competitors. 

Do you need help with search engine optimization for your local business and want to learn more about the benefits of local SEO for business owners? Media Shark can help! Our team helps clients with SEO services, digital advertising, and more. 

Contact us today to learn more about our local SEO services and to start improving your local SEO for your business. 

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