7 Benefits of Podcast Advertising for Your Campaigns

podcast advertising

Podcast advertising enables businesses to capitalize on the emerging audio industry. It provides a creative outlet for companies to reach customers.

Podcasting has gained significant popularity, with half of Americans listening to shows. That’s roughly 155 million people businesses can reach through podcast advertising.

Other ad networks such as Facebook and Google also offer substantial reach. Businesses often flock to these tried-and-true platforms before giving podcast advertising a try.

However, podcast ads can be the secret ingredient that ignites your marketing campaign. We’ll share some of the benefits of advertising on podcasts.

1. Less Competition

Podcast advertising is not as simple as Facebook and Google ads. Companies must build relationships with podcast hosts and ask about sponsorship placements.

Each host has a different approach to running podcast ads. Some will require you to fill out an application, while others will quickly provide rates.

These extra steps dissuade companies from reaching out to podcast hosts. Where some people see excessive work, others see opportunity.

Less competition doesn’t imply few listeners. As listenership continues growing, getting through to podcasters unveils captivating opportunities. 

2. Attractive Prices

Millions of businesses use Facebook and Google ads. These platforms have enough data to properly charge for their services. 

Not every podcast host has access to personalized data. Some podcast hosts have never locked in a sponsor.

This scenario helps businesses obtain attractive prices. Podcast hosts may take any sponsorship opportunity that comes their way. 

Decreasing ad expenses lowers your cost per conversion. You can get attractive rates due to fewer businesses exploring the space.

3. Highly Targeted Audiences

Businesses can choose from numerous podcasts. They can target general podcasts or explore niche shows. 

A niche show with a smaller listener base may produce better results than an ad to many people. Niche shows attract more specific audiences than general shows.

Running podcast ads on multiple shows expands your brand’s presence. During your outreach, ask a podcast host about their listeners. Some can provide details about their demographics, audience interests, and other factors.

This information will help companies frame better ad copy. They can decide who to address within their ad.

4. Evergreen Advertising

Facebook and Google ads work well until you disable them. Once you turn off these ads, you won’t get new prospects. Podcast advertising works differently.

You’ll get initial traction when your advertisement airs. Listeners will follow the call-to-action and visit your website. Each episode will continue attracting new customers years after publication.

Podcast episodes are searchable content. People can find an episode long after its publication date.

Some podcast listeners binge through their favorite shows. These binges help listeners come across your previous ads.

Some companies advertise on small podcasts that become popular in the future. This strategy works similarly to a real estate investment in a high-potential region.

Once the region becomes popular, prices soar. Advertising on popular podcasts costs more money. Landing an ad on these shows before they get popular provides more favorable rates.

You can also lock in a long-term advertising rate for some podcasts. Hosts will let you pay for bulk ad placements across many episodes. Claiming these rates helps you affordably ride on a show’s growing popularity.

5. Trust Factor

Podcast hosts build relationships with their listeners. They consistently show up with new content and provide value. Listeners come to trust the host and their recommendations.

This trust factor will create a warm vibe for your company. Instead of cold outreach, listeners will trust your company because of the host.

Some listeners will happily support your company. They may buy your product out of gratitude for supporting their favorite host.

Quickly building trust with listeners speeds up the customer journey. Not every ad platform provides accelerated trust.

People won’t buy something because it appears on Facebook and Google. A podcast host’s recommendation is enough for some listeners to buy your offer.

6. Host Delivery

Podcast hosts understand the importance of quality audio. They invest in microphones and refine their delivery.

Interviewing many guests conditions these podcast hosts to deliver great ad reads. Some podcast hosts provide perfect segues and build excitement around your product launch.

Companies can have hosts read ads during the show or insert their ads. Both approaches put you in front of their listeners.

However, a host’s delivery makes the experience more enchanting. Their transitions and style can add an extra flair to your podcast ads.

7. Grow Your Podcast

Podcasting offers incredible opportunities. Don’t stop with the ads.

Starting a podcast puts you in front of more people. You can capitalize on podcasting’s popularity as a host.

Podcast advertising presents an additional advantage for podcast hosts. Podcast ads will contribute to more product sales and podcast listeners.

The podcast ad will lead listeners into your brand’s ecosystem. Some will buy your product immediately, while others will consume your free content. 

These leads listen to podcasts. Creating a podcast for those leads gives them more places to find your content.

You’ll get new listeners through podcast ads. These ads will increase your show’s traction and help with the algorithm.

Grow Your Business With Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising is low-hanging fruit for many businesses. Taking a few extra steps puts you in untapped and under-appreciated markets. 

Consumers appreciate podcasts, given the surging number of listeners. However, brands haven’t caught on to the rising demand. Now is the time to pounce on podcast advertising.

Media Shark helps business owners tap into podcast advertising. We connect you with podcasters who can spread the word about your offer. Contact us today to learn about growing your business with podcast advertising.

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