6 Reasons to Use In-Game Advertising

in game advertising

The gaming industry is worth $90.3 billion in America. In the past, gaming was used for recreational purposes but now it’s turned into a whole economy of players starting virtual businesses and making money from NFTs. Keep reading to learn more about in-game advertising

That means in-game marketing is becoming one of the most popular advertising tools for companies. If you’re not already using creative advertisements like this, then you’re missing out.

As more people are picking up game consoles and flicking through mobile games on their way to work, the best way to grab the attention of your target audience is through these platforms. 

But, what is in-game advertising? And, is it effective as a company marketing technique? 

Keep reading to discover how to make the most of business marketing in games. 

The Top 6 Reasons To Use In-game Advertising 

Now, if you’re someone who is new to the world of gaming but has heard a lot of buzz around in-game marketing, then it’s important that you understand what exactly this type of advertising is and how to use it. 

To keep it simple, anything from banners, video ads, audio ads, and other virtual marketing materials are forms of in-game advertising. It is also referred to as IGA for short.

For example, when Fornite announced its collaboration with the Jordan brand it was a form of in-game advertising. Users could compete for a pair of Air Jordan XI Cool Grey and gain access to special VIP rooms in the game. 

Even though this is just one instance of in-game advertising, it can be applied to other company marketing too. So, here is why you need to market your business in games. 

1. High Engagement 

One of the hardest parts of marketing is getting high engagement rates on your content. Most of the time the online space is just a jungle of notifications, comments, likes, and video advertisements.

Consumers become overwhelmed by this busy online world and retreat to games for some peace. The good news about in-game advertising is you are guaranteed to get better engagement rates. 

People are playing games and tend to be in a better mood. So, your advertising is more likely to convert and be relatable to them in that space. 

2. Interactive Branding 

The second most important aspect of successful marketing is interactive branding. Games allow people to be active participants in the story which gives them more control over their actions. 

All you have to do is offer something valuable to the players and let them take the driving seat in their decisions. 

3. Higher Revenue 

The more people see your brand, the higher the chances are of making a profit. The rise of games, especially during the pandemic, means that there are more users logging into their gaming accounts every day. 

So, by including in-game marketing into your content plan you will make money over the long term. Of course, it might take a while to get people to notice your advertisements.

But, if you give it enough time you will see those sales numbers blow through the roof! 

4. Reach New Audiences 

Similar to books, there are several genres of games such as indie, RPGs, and mobile games. Therefore, the audience is extremely diverse in the gaming community. 

Sometimes, it can be hard to nail down your target audience which is why in-game marketing is a great way to ensure your consumers see your brand. You can do some market research and find out what games they play first. 

Then, you need to market to them in those virtual worlds and connect with their lifestyle. As well as being good for targeting specific consumers, games also allow you to expand your reach. 

There are no geographical boundaries in games. People can play against players in Asia from the comfort of their own homes in California. That’s why in-game marketing is perfect for getting international attention.

5. Build Loyalty the Fun Way

Above all else, in-game marketing is effective for building brand loyalty through entertainment. There’s nothing better than bonding with your users in a relaxed environment. 

To keep your brand thriving for years to come you don’t only need sales, you need loyal followers that are invested in your brand. But creating a friendly space for consumers that become fans is not an easy task. 

If you start a relationship with your audience in a game, you’re more likely to get genuine followers who like your brand and want to support you.

6. Players Will Remember You 

The mechanics of a game enables you to repeat a message over and over again. For branding, this is your secret weapon if you want people to remember your brand. 

The key to staying relevant and memorable is making sure your business is seen as much as possible. The best advertisements in games are the ones that stick to a coherent content plan and make their brand noticeable. 

After reading this article, you hopefully have everything you need to dive into in-game marketing and start publishing content on these virtual platforms. However, if you need help with advertising in general we can help you. 

Often, people get their branding wrong due to a lack of experience or not using resources to their full potential. Luckily, we know how to turn browsers into buyers and give you guaranteed marketing success. 

Don’t miss out on important opportunities to get your brand out there because the process seems overwhelming. Let us help, and watch your business grow! 

Win the Game of Marketing 

In-game advertising might be a recent invention, but it is fast becoming an essential element in building brand loyalty and increasing sales. Games are no longer for entertainment and escapism. 

There are huge economies being built, friendships being made, and branding being created in these virtual spaces. It’s an exciting world to explore. So, what are you waiting for? 

You can find out more about our services on our website. Take a look and get in touch if your want to organize a consultation call. 

We’ll be looking forward to hearing from your soon! 

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