5 Tips for Creating Amazing Programmatic Video Content

Recent statistics suggest that 87% of companies are leveraging video content as a tool in their marketing strategy. Likely this is because videos are easy to watch on a smartphone while sitting on a couch at home, waiting at a bus stop for work, waiting in line for a cup of coffee, or anywhere really.

If the power of creating a marketing video itself won’t reach your target audience, launching a programmatic video will certainly get the job done. You can attract a lot of internet traffic with programmatic videos if you put together interesting video content.

If you desire amazing results with consumer internet traffic, then stick around a bit and keep reading to the end.

No need for delays. Let’s get to the fabulous tips right now that you need to dazzle and delight your target audience!

1. Tell a Story

If someone wants to watch your video, it is for a reason. They do not want dry content. Rather, your target audience is looking for your video content strategy to pull at their heartstrings and reach their emotions. While you are giving them a message about your brand, you also want to create a connection with them.

If you cannot connect with your audience, your programmatic video will fail at its mission.

Stories bring value. People must feel an urge to want to learn about your product or solution. Also, every message you bring should be cohesive, which is how you can brand yourself in the market, and people identify your message with you.

Your message must be clear and to the point. Do not make it long or complicated, because you will incur drop-offs with your viewers. 

2. Mobile-Enabled

Almost everyone uses a smartphone to scour the internet. If you want to reach your target audience, you must keep in mind that they will probably see your programmatic video on a mobile device. Ignoring this can prove detrimental to any campaign.

You must reach them in a way that suits them, or you could lose thousands of potential customers viewing your content. If you make them work harder than necessary to learn about your brand, most people will simply click off. Your target audience will find your brand irrelevant to them.

3. Tailor Social Media Videos

It is likely that part of your programmatic video content strategy is to run your videos on social media. Each social platform will vary in its specifications. Plus, there are algorithms that determine what will work better and draw more attention from users.

This means that you must customize your video content strategy to each social media platform based on each one’s algorithm preferences. Do some research before you create social media video content regarding each platform’s needs. 

4. Create a Title and Thumbnail That is Interesting

The first impression that your programmatic video gives to a viewer also decides how many clicks you will get. Unless the cover details are interesting, no one will bother watching your video. You want to use your creativity and savvy writer knowledge, but also research strong keywords.

It will help your programmatic feed if you include the right selection of keywords. Then, a witty way to word your title is what will drive a person’s curiosity to click on it.

Further, the thumbnail image itself should be high quality and crisp in its appearance. The subject must apply to your message so that you please your viewers. If it is not relevant, you will only frustrate your target audience.

5. Grab Attention Immediately

The first few seconds is the time you must engage the viewer and reel them in. Remember that as soon as they click, you will not have a lot of time to keep someone’s attention.

People today are slammed with advertising. Not only are people impatient, but they also have a limited time to spend watching programmatic videos.

That is why it is critical to capitalize on the first few seconds when it matters the most. You need a brief hook to get them. The hook must identify what the video is about.

Next, you want your message to encourage your target audience to keep watching, not to click off. You want them to wait until the end when you will probably have a call to action.

Throughout your programmatic video, you want to tell a story, as mentioned in tip one. For the sequence of the story, it should be a series of events, a message that unravels itself. The viewer must watch to the end because they must know what will happen next.

Remember Your Call to Action

Video content strategy is also a competition. You are competing against other videos and the viewers’ attention. If you are not careful, it will be all too easy for someone to forget about your brand and your video.

Your target audience may just want to move along in their browser and their feeds, searching for a better video. That is why it is important that, as you conclude your message, you have a strong CTA or call-to-action.

Be strategic about your CTA. If you position it at the wrong moment or say it impolitely, you will disconnect from the viewer forever. They will no longer wish to do business with you.

Usually, a CTA is at the end of the video, but it is up to you how you want to tell your story. You may decide that the middle will be better.

Remember that you want to add a sense of urgency, but with kindness. Create urgency without aggressiveness.

Ask About Media Shark About Programmatic Video

If you are just embarking on a new business endeavor, or you oversee a digital media department, big or small, we can help you be successful! Media Shark helps businesses like yours every day with programmatic video, social media, and SEO.

When you get it right, you can watch your business thrive. Let’s build sales together. Contact us now.

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