5 Things You Should Know About TikTok Business Advertising

TikTok Business Advertising

When you’re next on public transport surrounded by people staring at their phones, there is a high chance that many of them are browsing TikTok. Keep reading to learn more about TikTok business advertising and scaling!

The average user spends around 850 minutes every month browsing their TikTok feed! Consider that from an advertiser’s perspective: the potential is massive.

If you run a business, you might wonder if TikTok is a suitable ad platform for you. To help you make that decision, here are five things you should know about TikTok business advertising.

1. You Can Choose From Multiple Ad Types

If you haven’t run ads on TikTok before, you might assume that it’s simply a case of paying to advertise a video on the feed. But Tiktok advertising is much more than this. There are broadly four types of ads:

In-Feed Video Ads

This type of ad is probably closest to what you imagine from TikTok advertising. With an in-feed ad, you pay to promote a video in the user’s regular feed.

Each video can be up to 60 seconds long, on autoplay with sound. Since it’s such a native format for TikTok, it’s a great way to get lots of engagement on a video ad.

Top-View Ads

When a user goes onto TikTok, they’ll see a “for you” feed, and you can place your ad right at the top of this feed. It’s one of the best ways to get engagement and views though you’ll pay a premium for this ad real estate.

Brand Takeover

If you have a healthy ad budget, you can go one step further than a top-view ad and pay for a brand takeover instead. That is the first ad that takes up the entire screen for a user when they first log on to Tiktok and is between 3-5 seconds long.

For that reason, it’s a good ad for brand awareness but not necessarily for traffic or conversions.

Brand Effects

If you’re using influencers, you can try branded effect advertising. This ad type involves creating shareable content (such as stickers) that influencers can add to their videos.

The branded hashtag challenge is a slight spin on this ad format, which encourages user-generated content using your brand-name hashtag.

2. It’s the Perfect Place to Find Generation Z

Every social media platform has a different demographic. While TikTok is broadening its user demographic, one trend still stands out for this ad platform compared to other social media apps.

TikTok is hugely popular with Generation Z. Generation Z is the young crowd, typically 18-24. That is an exciting demographic as they are most likely to use social media to research products and make impulse purchases.

So if this is your target customer, TikTok is the ideal place to be. From that perspective, it’s worth running a trial ad campaign to see whether it has the impact you expect.

3. TikTok Ads Are Surprisingly Low Cost

You might think advertising is beyond your reach if you’re a new or small business. However, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that you can advertise on TikTok for as little as $50.

TikTok offers three ad campaigns, so if you are on a limited budget, you can use that money to run a campaign that will get you closest to your goals. Here’s a quick overview of the three types of campaigns you can run:


If you want more people to know about your brand, choose an awareness campaign. Even with a small budget, it gives you the visibility that would be difficult via organic reach, so it’s helpful if you are a relatively new business.


Corresponding means conversions, so this is the one you’d use if you want your audience to take action. Perhaps that’s to make a purchase or sign up for your email list.


This campaign type is about getting traffic to your website or views for your videos. It’s a ready-made audience when your business is too small to have developed an organic audience.

If your budget is small, always narrow your targeting to get the most accurate reach for your campaigns, whatever campaign type you run. That’s the best way to see some return on your investment.

4. Engagement Rates Are Unbeatable

Do you remember when everyone talked about the wonders of Facebook? And then Instagram came along, and that was the new big thing.

Well, TikTok proudly sits in that category now. Last year, it was the app with the highest number of downloads globally, and it’s safe to say people love the platform.

From an advertiser’s point of view, that means TikTok doesn’t suffer from “ad fatigue” that businesses see on other platforms.

People are hungry for great content, and if you can invest in a video that grabs attention, you have the potential to do fantastic things with a Tiktok ad campaign. High engagement also gives you lower overall ad costs and a better return on investment.

Of course, this depends on knowing your target audience and what content makes them tick (excuse the pun).

Always do as much research into your target demographic before setting up your ad campaign to get sky-high ad results that could transform your business.

5. Tutorials Are An Underrated Ad Technique

TikTok has a reputation as a fun, laid-back platform. So you might steer your ad creatives to that sort of vibe.

But there are pockets of TikTok content gradually becoming more popular, and you could thrive with a different campaign format.

Take tutorials, for example. These have become almost addict for some social media users due to leaps in video technology, making them fun and fast to consume.

Think about the captivating content you see on social media for high-speed video recipes or makeup tutorials.

Can your business utilize tutorials in your next ad campaign? If so, it’s worth putting some ideas down on paper. It could be a potential winner for your brand.

Is TikTok Business Advertising the Next Step for You?

Today’s online ad world seems well-established, so it might feel like you’re playing catch-up with your competitors. But with TikTok business advertising, there is still so much exciting potential for an ambitious business.

Why not connect with our expert marketing team to see how we can help you set up your programmatic ad campaigns? You can do that by heading here to complete our quote request form.

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