4 Examples of Successful Programmatic Digital Advertising Campaigns

Did you know that programmatic audio advertisements lead to higher recall rates when compared to visual ads?

Crafting a digital advertising campaign is much easier when you have access to user data. Find out what your target audience likes and dislikes by running programmatic digital ads!

Are you curious about what successful programmatic digital advertising campaigns look like? Read our article to find out!

1. Programmatic Video: Budweiser 

Programmatic advertising is showcased by brands that create unforgettable experiences for their audience. Programmatic videos that generate buzz are exemplified by exceptional commercials.

Budweiser creates anticipation for every Super Bowl commercial that they broadcast. Fans of football and light beer intersect within this digital advertising campaign.

These powerful campaigns have generated excitement for the brand’s next installment of advertisements. Now the championship ads are crafted months in advance and have successfully cultivated an audience.

No matter where your ad is placed, it has the power to reach a new audience. Always prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to strategic ad placements. Trust the software to find you new opportunities.

Programmatic Digital Advertisement

Digital advertising campaigns can be run efficiently when they are programmatic. Budweiser has set a precedent that other brands now follow. 

Their success demonstrates how important it is to craft strategic advertising campaigns. Allowing software to help you find ad placements frees your team up to focus on the important things.

Once you secure an ad placement, focus on developing a sense of brand awareness. Don’t waste a profitable ad placement again! Follow this checklist when you begin to craft a successful programmatic ad:

  • Discover your focused keywords
  • Develop an SEO plan
  • Design a unique aesthetic
  • Target your demographic
  • Test your advertisement
  • Share on social media

These are some of the techniques that can boost your advertisement’s effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to show your new ad campaigns to potential audience members! Their feedback is crucial for your success. 

2. Programmatic Radio: Verizon

Listen to any radio station and a Verizon advertisement will quickly begin to play. Phone carriers have learned how to specify their ads to profitable regions.

Localization and target SEO strategies have awarded Verizon Wireless coveted advertisement placements across the country.

Verizon’s ad effectiveness is coupled with its high sense of brand awareness. Brick-and-mortar buildings can be seen while their advertisements are played on car radios.

Programmatic radio stations like Pandora are also goldmines of possibility for auditory placements. Work with competent software that can bid for these desirable placements on your behalf.

Programmatic Digital Advertisements

Organic SEO practices have cultivated Verizon’s success in the world of programmatic advertisements. Digital advertisements require iteration and user testing to be compelling. 

Persuasive digital advertisements are able to connect with their target audience in under 60 seconds. Some radio slots are even shorter! To get the most out of your time slot, provide as much information as possible.

Be upfront with any special offers or pricing options that your brand can provide. Digital advertising campaigns can be reused on a variety of platforms, making them extremely cost-effective. 

3. SEO-Driven Google Display Ads

Google has optimized the way its ads engage with customers. Brand recognition has played a pivotal part in this search engine’s ability to attract new audiences. 

Their proprietary digital products can easily be integrated into user interfaces. Skillful UX/UI designs have simplified their aesthetic to attract a wide variety of users. Google’s YouTube advertisements have inspired new strategies.

The search engine offers a wide range of physical and digital products. Google specializes in at-home technology so users interact with their products on a daily basis.

On the web, Google has secured its position as the number one search engine in the world. SEO content is optimized to comply with its algorithms and appear on the landing page.

Digital Advertising Programmatic 101

Google offers courses and career certificates for people who want to learn digital marketing techniques. Moreover, they run programmatic ads with partners like YouTube. 

Data about the user’s lifestyle habits, housing type, and shopping history are used to formulate the perfect match! 

Taking a pragmatic approach has culminated in successful programmatic digital advertisements. Expand your scope as wide as your target audience allows!

4. Digital Ads: The Amanda Foundation

The Amanda Foundation has revolutionized the way a non-profit can structure its ad campaigns to connect with its community. 

Using data analytics, The Amanda Foundation suggests adoptable animals based on the search history of local users.

Dogs and cats at local animal shelters will quickly be paired for a targeted advertisement.  The ad is also localized to users who live near the animal shelters!

Appropriate users will see targeted ad placements featuring adoptable furry friends while browsing the internet. 

Digital Advertising vs. Programmatic

Digital advertising can be fully customized to best cater to your target audience. Programmatic advertising, however, has its perks as well. 

The main difference is the data that you will have access to. Programmatic advertising uses real-time data to put your ads in front of premier audiences.

Programmed ads generate a large number of targeted impressions. If conversion or clicks do not happen, your brand still left its mark on a potential customer.

Try Programmatic Digital Advertising!

Now you know all about the top four examples of successful programmatic digital advertising! Are you ready to make impression on future customers?

Before you begin to strategize your next ad campaign, use our FREE estimator tools to calculate your potential earnings.

Media Shark is a digital marketing agency that you can trust to get results! Schedule a free consultation with us once you are ready to make impressions and attract customers!

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